The Green Oval Guild (GOG) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and club catering to Land Rover owners and enthusiasts.   Founded in 2005, the group consists of members from Ohio and beyond. The goal of the Green Oval Guild is to further the enjoyment and understanding of off-road activities through planned events, vehicle tech days, and service projects.

We enjoy a partnership with The Wilds (www.thewilds.org), a wildlife reserve and conservation center located in southeast Ohio where we maintain a variety of trails. These trails vary from simple “greenlaning” experiences designed for stock vehicles to advanced challenges intended for more experienced drivers. We subscribe to the “tread lightly” philosophy to minimize our impact on nature and the environment through responsible driving as well as regular trail maintenance and recovery.

The privilege of using the property at The Wilds provides us with the opportunity to educate  off-road enthusiasts on responsible and safe off-road practices while creating an experience that is enjoyable for all levels of drivers. We host events at The Wilds throughout the year which are intended to be fun for the entire family, many of which span several days for which you are invited to camp and meet our members. In addition, we host expeditions that explore areas throughout Ohio and surrounding areas in search of new and challenging adventures.

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